Berlin has always been a vibrant city. Its history is reflected in the variety of architectural styles, from 18th and 19th century classical buildings, the monumental architecture of the 30s and 40s, the divided development of the east and west during the cold war, to the modern trends of recent years. The fact that Berlin attracts creative people from all over the world enables us to offer a myriad selection of private homes, creative spaces, and other interior locations. Berlin's immediate surroundings also provide stunning scenic backdrops.

In addition, we offer personalized file pulls from our own (3500+) location library for Berlin as well as its surroundings, often in combination with active location scouting, location management/booking, and permit organization. As a member of the Bundesverband Location Scouts, the professional organization of German location scouts, we cooperate with other scouts whenever needed and thus have access to possibly the largest library of Berlin locations. For productions in other parts of Germany, Europe, or the rest of the world, we work with a reliable network of global location scouts to provide our clients with the ideal spot for their production.